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crusader title

How To Get The Crusader Title in World of Warcraft

There are many aspects of World of Warcraft that make it incredibly addictive. It has the effect of making players want to “keep up with the Joneses”, so to speak. Tier gear, rare mounts, and achievements are just a few of the addictive traps Blizzard has built into WoW. One of the newest ingame status […]

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heirloom items

How To Get Heirloom Items Fast in World of Warcraft

As World of Warcraft continues to expand larger and larger, with the level cap increasing over time, it’s becoming more and more difficult for people to have multiple characters at max level. Everyone would like to have characters of all classes at level cap, but it is terribly time consuming to be able to do […]

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dungeon guide

How To Lead Your Groups Better In World of Warcraft Dungeons.

Do Your Research Use the many web resources at your disposal like Wowhead and WowWiki to fully learn the layout of each dungeon and the strategies involved to defeat each of the enemy encounters. This is especially important if you a tanking, as you expected to act as the leader of the group and should […]

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