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Avoid Hype, Take Bonuses Sparingly: Tips to Navigating the Pursuit of an Easy 1up Bonus

Referrals keep the world turning. When all else fails, the referral program is one that will instill customer loyalty and a second-tier engagement for customers that want to take their interest in a brand to a whole new level. Yet, so many marketers flounder their opportunities to use referrals by getting caught up in the hype, explosive bonuses, and other touted features of referral marketing. All of these things are good, but they do not override the need to get the foundation right. Below are a few sound points of advice in working with the Easy 1up referral program.

Use Bonuses as Goal Posts, Not as the Reason

There is a lot of buzz about the Easy 1up bonus offered through Team Mansell for good reason- it is a spectacular bonus. It is also a very fair bonus. But, it will not always be achieved every month for everyone. Some months are worse off. Some seasons slow down. Other things get in the way. The bonus is not a means. It is not an ultimate goal. It is only a goal post that marketers should strive for. There should be other goals as well. Marketers shouldn’t be so hard on themselves if the bonus goes missed for a month.

Avoid the Hype Train

Good old hype. It ruins expectations and destroys long-term game plan plotting. Hype is a curse. Marketing leaders have a tendency to get extremely enthusiastic. A lot of this enthusiasm is not misguided. It is coming from a good place (getting new people excited, for one). But, it can be interpreted as false and bloated hype, and that can be a major problem. Hype is tricky because it can easily overvalue a certain strategy. Claims of making $500 in the first week are usually exaggerated. It is possible. Yet, marketers should learn to read when it is possible.

Bonuses can be merged with hype, which makes for a dastardly combination. Marketers should remain realistic about what they think they can achieve/ Hype should be taken with hesitance. A realistic goal is far more practical for sticking to it over the first few weeks.

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